Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Pumpkin Patch

So I must admit... One of the things I missed the most about Colorado is our wonderful pumpkin patch. I can't say that we are sentimental about places or have many traditions yet, but one of the few that we had was the pumpkin patch. After moving here I was set on finding just as cool of a pumpkin patch. I didn't want a huge commercial type place. I wanted a small ma and pa type place. I searched long and hard. The good news... I found it!!! I found my new favorite place! We got there soon after they opened on a beautiful Saturday morning. We were the only ones there. This sweet old farmer took us on a trailer to the back of the field. He dropped us off and told us he would be back in a bit to pick us and our pumpkins up. It was so fun and there were so many pumpkins to choose from! Such a great experience and I definitely learned that change is good!

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