Thursday, November 5, 2015

Happy Halloween!

We had a super great Halloween weekend! (Although, I really fell short when it came to taking pictures!!!) We had our annual Orange Dinner the night before. We had a house full of kids and parents. I think it was our best Orange Dinner yet. All of the kids (24 of them!!!) did awesome and I heard lots of giggles. The parents had tons of fun as well. Davids parents came on Halloween to hand out candy to all of the kiddos in our neighborhood. David and I set out with both kids but soon got separated. Magnolia (a candy fairy princess) found some friends and was running house to house to house with them. Keegan (Olaf the snowman) enjoyed just taking his time and taking everything in. When he went up to each house he would say trick or treat and then try to get invited in or just take a peek at everyones house. He seemed to find something nice to say about each house and I think he liked being nosey far more than getting the candy!

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