Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Friday night fun

A few weeks ago Magnolia cashed in all of the change in her piggy bank. We were all surprised just how much money she had in change! After doing that it was just burning a hole in her pocket. She decided to buy a new American Girl doll with all of her money. So, that Friday night we went to Mall of America. We ate dinner, walked around and finally made it to the American Girl store. After a very long time of decided which doll to get Magnolia handed over all of her money and walked out with a doll. She was SO excited! We also found some glasses there for the boy doll that we had at home. We were pretty excited because we were certain we would officially have a little Keegan doll. We were right! So funny how much they look alike?! Magnolia was so cute getting her new doll out of the box, she was so thrilled! It was such a fun Friday family night. We even ended the night with a few dances. These pictures of Magnolia and David just melted my heart. Cant you just picture them dancing at her wedding some day?!

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