Thursday, November 5, 2015

Happy Halloween!

We had a super great Halloween weekend! (Although, I really fell short when it came to taking pictures!!!) We had our annual Orange Dinner the night before. We had a house full of kids and parents. I think it was our best Orange Dinner yet. All of the kids (24 of them!!!) did awesome and I heard lots of giggles. The parents had tons of fun as well. Davids parents came on Halloween to hand out candy to all of the kiddos in our neighborhood. David and I set out with both kids but soon got separated. Magnolia (a candy fairy princess) found some friends and was running house to house to house with them. Keegan (Olaf the snowman) enjoyed just taking his time and taking everything in. When he went up to each house he would say trick or treat and then try to get invited in or just take a peek at everyones house. He seemed to find something nice to say about each house and I think he liked being nosey far more than getting the candy!

Carving Pumpkins

We attempted to carve pumpkins as a family a few days before Halloween. That quickly turned into just David, Magnolia and I when we learned that the smell of pumpkins makes Keegan gag. After Magnolia helped for a short bit she lost interest and then it was just David and I. Of course the kids chose detailed patterns for their pumpkins. What happened to the good ol fashion face?! So... after a very long time of standing at the counter the pumpkins were carved. Magnolia picked a rabbit from Sofia The First and Keegan picked a spooky house. I must admit, I am pretty darn proud of David and I's carving ability!

Beautiful fall colors

While my parents were here we went to the lake that is very close to our house to check out the fall colors. It was SO beautiful! Perfect spot for pictures! Now if we can just teach Keegan how to look at the camera and smile nicely! :)

Girl Scouts

Magnolia has wanted to be in Girl Scouts for a very long time. It didn't seem to happen last year so I promised her that this year she would get to join. It is crazy how it all fell into place, we were able to start a new troop with some other girls on our street and at her school. She is beyond excited to start earning her petals for her vest. I have such great memories of when I was in Girl Scouts that I was super excited to get this going for her!

The man I love and adore

My parents were here a few weekends ago and watched the kids so David and I could go to a wedding reception. It was a super nice night and I had such a fun time with my best friend, the man I love more than he will ever know! And... we even got a picture of us dressed up! Now that does not happen very often!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Friday night fun

A few weeks ago Magnolia cashed in all of the change in her piggy bank. We were all surprised just how much money she had in change! After doing that it was just burning a hole in her pocket. She decided to buy a new American Girl doll with all of her money. So, that Friday night we went to Mall of America. We ate dinner, walked around and finally made it to the American Girl store. After a very long time of decided which doll to get Magnolia handed over all of her money and walked out with a doll. She was SO excited! We also found some glasses there for the boy doll that we had at home. We were pretty excited because we were certain we would officially have a little Keegan doll. We were right! So funny how much they look alike?! Magnolia was so cute getting her new doll out of the box, she was so thrilled! It was such a fun Friday family night. We even ended the night with a few dances. These pictures of Magnolia and David just melted my heart. Cant you just picture them dancing at her wedding some day?!

Magnolia's haircut

Magnolia got a hair cut a few weeks ago. I let her have all of the say in what she wanted. She wanted short and bangs. Wow! Doesn't she look so different?! I hardly recognize the girl! It took her several days but I think she really likes it now. Where did my baby go?! I think this new look makes her look so old! (but still just beautiful!)

Fun in the fall leaves

Our yard has trees! Big trees! Which means that we had lots of leaves this fall! After living in yards with no trees which meant no leaves to play in our kids were beyond excited to play in the leaves. They spent hours playing, running, raking, jumping, throwing and just having good ol' fashion fun!

Pumpkin Patch

So I must admit... One of the things I missed the most about Colorado is our wonderful pumpkin patch. I can't say that we are sentimental about places or have many traditions yet, but one of the few that we had was the pumpkin patch. After moving here I was set on finding just as cool of a pumpkin patch. I didn't want a huge commercial type place. I wanted a small ma and pa type place. I searched long and hard. The good news... I found it!!! I found my new favorite place! We got there soon after they opened on a beautiful Saturday morning. We were the only ones there. This sweet old farmer took us on a trailer to the back of the field. He dropped us off and told us he would be back in a bit to pick us and our pumpkins up. It was so fun and there were so many pumpkins to choose from! Such a great experience and I definitely learned that change is good!

So pretty

How beautiful can one girl possibly be?! Love this picture!

A night at the firehouse

The Eagan fire department had an open house a few weeks ago. I took the kids and Keegan was just so darn excited! He thought it was SO cool to sit in a real fire truck. Both kids loved using the big hoses and squirting the water. Hopefully they even learned some good safety tips as well!

Chanhassen Dinner Theater

Sus and the girls came in October and Magnolia and I had a night out on the town with them. We went to the Chan dinner theater and saw the play Mary Poppins. It was so fun to do something that special with them. Magnolia was awesome! I was a bit concerned she was on the young side but I think she truly loved it! I had never been there before and I truly loved it as well!