Thursday, October 1, 2015

Oh how I love these faces!!!

The Perfect Day

Saturday was the perfect day for a football game! It truly could not have been any better! My parents had the kids (THANK YOU!!!!) while David and I got to go to the Gopher football game. David's boss has season tickets and was not going to use them so he gave them to us. We were 9 rows up on the 40 yard line! Amazing seats! It was the perfect temp, I got to spend time with the person I love and adore more than he will ever know, eat some chicken tamales, mini doughnuts and m&m's, and we were able to watch a nail biter of a game! The game came down to the final seconds and thank goodness those Gophers were able to pull off a win! Go Gophers!

My little helper

Keegan is such a fantastic helper!

Its Official

Yep. Its official. We have officially settled in Minnesota. How can I tell? Magnolia has a friend! This little girl is in 1st grade and just lives down the street. I am not sure who was more excited when she came knocking on the door asking if Magnolia could come out to play. Pretty sure both David and I had tears of happiness in our eyes as we ran up to get her and send her out. I am so proud of how well Magnolia has adjusted to this move. She has tried really hard to make friends and it is really paying off!

Happy Birthday Grammy

David's parents came down a couple of weeks ago so that we could help celebrate Grammy's birthday. Magnolia took her to a play (which sounds like it was a real hit!) and then we had dinner here. We ended the night with some yummy birthday cake that Magnolia and Keegan picked out. Keegan was a huge fan of the singing and blowing of the candles! Happy Birthday Grammy!