Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Keegan's first day of preschool

Is it true?! Are you sure?! Is Keegan truly old enough to start school?! Say it isn't so! How can he be this old?! Well yes, the time has come for Keegan to start preschool. He was SO excited to go to "Keekee's own school" and that is all he could talk about for the past few months. Yesterday was his first official day of preschool and it was a huge success. He was all smiles before school and I got a big thumbs up afterward. Such a big boy!!! (And so darn handsome!!!)

Apple picking

We went to an apple orchard this past weekend with some old friends. They used to live in Colorado with us but then moved here about a year and a half ago. Who would have thought we would be living in the same state again?! So crazy! We had a wonderful time at the orchard. It was beautiful weather (except for all of the bees). Keegan ate several apples and Magnolia was a picking rockstar! I must admit, we even got a mighty fine family picture out of the day!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Magnolia's first day of first grade

Magnolia had her first day of first grade last year. It was a huge success! She was so very very excited to start school. We went to an open house for her school the week before where we met her teacher and saw her room. The most exciting part was that she found out that she gets a real desk and was able to organize her school supplies in her desk. She has a very nice teacher and I think this is going to be an awesome year! The coolest part in my mind was that the school had a red carpet for the kids to walk on on the first day of school. There were tons of teachers and administrators (including the principal) that were lined up on both sides of the carpet cheering and clapping and welcoming each kid as they had their turn walking up to school. Such a cool idea!

Sticker in the hair

Keegan LOVES getting a Target sticker at the end of our shopping trips. It makes his day complete. I usually find them on his shirt, on the carseat or scrunched up in a ball on the floor of my vehicle. This week however, he had a bigger and better idea for his sticker. Why not put it in his hair?! He thought it was so funny until it was time to pull it out. After realizing that it hurts to put stickers in hair I am hoping this is the last one that I will have to pull out of his hair. Ahhh such a funny guy! Always keeping things spicy!

Dream come true

Yep. Magnolia's dream came true. She gets to ride the bus to and from school! Woohoo, she was SO excited! Seeing as I couldn't put my baby on a big bus the first day of school she got to ride it the second day. It was a success! She was all smiles getting off the bus for the first time!

Grammy and Pappas lake cabin

We did it! We were able to get to both of our parents lake cabins before the summer ended! Both kids are definite lake kids so needless to say they had a blast! Keegan LOVED the pontoon boat and even figured out how to start it all on his own! Magnolia had a blast swimming and both kids had fun in the kayak. David and I were even able to sneak away for a little lunch date! Riding on a golf cart with Mikayla and hanging with her her and her brother Mitchell was also a huge hit!


Magnolia and Keegan got to have 2 of their cousins stay with us for a few days. What fun! The kids got to play, play and play some more with people other than me!! Woohoo! Lindsay also made the most amazing cake I think I have ever had!