Saturday, August 29, 2015

Road trip to Minnesota

Ahh... the trip to Minnesota... It was long but we made it! David was such a good sport and drove his car and came with us as far as Sidney NE. We tried to make the trip as fun as possible. We stopped at some very fun parks, found a Godfathers Pizza and had some pretty silly times in the car. Seeing as Keegan decided to be potty trained a few weeks before the trip we ended up stopping at pretty much every gas station between Fort Collins and Sioux Falls. He even had to go potty when there wasn't a gas station. Thank goodness for that potty seat that we had in the back! We stopped in Sioux Falls for a couple of days before the final leg of the trip to Eagan. I must admit that I was very proud of myself and felt a feeling of accomplishment when we arrived in Eagan and I realized that I just took a huge road trip by myself with 2 kids... and survived!

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