Saturday, August 29, 2015

I'm back!

After a very long break from blogging I am finally back! We are officially settled in our new house and I was finally able to sit down and blog. So, grab a cup of coffee and settle in for a lot of new pictures! I think I put more posts on then what it will show on the first page so when you get to the bottom, click the orange link on the right hand side that says "Older Posts" and enjoy some more!

Momo and Grandpa's lake cabin

The kids and I took a very quick trip to my parents lake cabin this past week. It was so fun to see how happy the kids were and it made me realize that this move to Minnesota was the right thing. These kids LOVE the lake and were definitely in their element. It was a bit cool and a bit windy but they didn't seem to mind one bit. They swam, paddle boated, fished, went to the ice cream shop, went to the resort down the street to buy some candy, swung in the tire swing and just had old fashion fun. Magnolia loved going out fishing with my dad and they even brought back some big bass that we had for dinner our last night!

Happy 3rd Birthday Keegan!

Yep. Its official. My baby is growing up! Don't even ask me how it is possible that he is 3! David decided to fly in for the weekend last weekend so we decided to throw him a last minute birthday party. Both sets of grandparents were able to come along with Teresa, Eli and Gary. It was a Curious George themed breakfast. I must say, the cake was so darn cute! Happy happy happy birthday to the most charming, caring, funny and lovable little guy I know! There aren't words to describe just how much I love this little Keegan Cooper!!!

Keegan's new glasses

A few weeks before moving Keegan started complaining that his eyes hurt. After a few days of him saying that I took it seriously and took him in to get his eyes checked. And what did we find out? The poor boy can't see! So, the very first day that we arrived in Eagan we went straight in and ordered him some glasses. A few days later they arrived and wow! He can really see and he looks beyond adorable! The kid seems to really love his glasses and I can already see some changes in him! Could the boy be any cuter?!

Home Sweet Home

We have arrived! Not only have we arrived but our stuff has finally come! Even better... David has finally joined us and LIFE IS GOOD!!! This last month has been stressful. Beyond stressful. David ended up having to stay back and be at his practice in WY until yesterday. We had major issues with the moving company and our stuff arrived a week late. But, we did it. We grew from it. While waiting for our stuff to get here kids and I learned how to "house camp" and were able to explore our new city without any pressures of boxes waiting to be unpacked, or meals to cook, or dishes to clean. We learned how fun an empty house can be with 2 balls and a hula hoop. We learned how fun moving boxes can be to climb on, unpack and play in when they are empty. And, what did I learn the most from this past month? I learned that I love this husband of mine more than ever. He is truly the strongest person I know and worked his butt off to make this move happen, and I am truly grateful for everything he did. I realized just how much he means to me and how much I love spending time with him. I missed him this past month and am just so darn happy to have him here tonight. I am so thankful, happy and content with everything that I have in my life.

Road trip to Minnesota

Ahh... the trip to Minnesota... It was long but we made it! David was such a good sport and drove his car and came with us as far as Sidney NE. We tried to make the trip as fun as possible. We stopped at some very fun parks, found a Godfathers Pizza and had some pretty silly times in the car. Seeing as Keegan decided to be potty trained a few weeks before the trip we ended up stopping at pretty much every gas station between Fort Collins and Sioux Falls. He even had to go potty when there wasn't a gas station. Thank goodness for that potty seat that we had in the back! We stopped in Sioux Falls for a couple of days before the final leg of the trip to Eagan. I must admit that I was very proud of myself and felt a feeling of accomplishment when we arrived in Eagan and I realized that I just took a huge road trip by myself with 2 kids... and survived!