Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Father's Day

Father's day... in our world it was last Saturday because we wouldn't want to celebrate it on the same day as Magnolia's birthday! So... last Saturday Magnolia brought David breakfast in bed. After lounging in bed we got ready to head down to Denver for the Rockies game. It was another successful day at the ball park! It was a hot day but we were lucky enough to be in the shade the whole time. Keegan learned he loves cotton candy and Magnolia got all of her fav treats. Keegan kicked off his shoes and laid back to lounge in my lap while enjoying the game. What a life! After the game we came back home and went out for dinner. It was a great day! Happy Father's day to a guy who deserves more than just a day to celebrate him! He is truly the most amazing dad in the world and my kids are so very lucky to have him! We love you David!!!

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