Thursday, May 28, 2015

First day and last day of kindergarten

Here they are! The first day of school and the last day! Its hard to tell in these pictures but I am amazed how much her hair has grown and how many teeth she lost! Such a beautiful girl!

Last day of kindergarten

I know people say time flies... but seriously... this school year has flown by! I truly feel like it was just yesterday that I dropped my baby off for her first day of school. I feel like it was just yesterday I was sitting down at this blog putting the first day of kindergarten pictures on. Poof! We are now at the end of the year! She is officially on her way to 1st grade. I couldn't be more proud of this girl of mine. She had such a fantastic year, with an amazing teacher. She loved loved loved school this year. Every day she was so excited to go and she always came out with a smile and stories to share. She made some incredible friends, learned a ton and changed from a little girl into a full fledge school age kid! She started the school year wanting to read more than anything. She walked out today reading at a second grade reading level and is so much fun to listen to her read. I love this Magnolia Claire of mine. I am beyond happy that she had such a great year. I told her this morning as she was so sad to be done with kindergarten that the cool thing about kinder is that you will remember it forever. I still remember so much of my kindergarten teacher, songs, room ect. She was pretty excited to hear that she will always remember this year and said "well, if I am going to remember it forever its a good thing it was so great!" I couldn't agree more!

Field Day

Magnolia had field day at school yesterday. She had a blast and loved reliving every moment at the dinner table last night! She truly has the best friends and the best class ever!

Momo and grandpa

Momo and grandpa came for a quick weekend. It was pretty yucky weather but we tried to make the most of it. They were able to see 2 soccer games and a dance recital. Keegan found out just how relaxing a massage from momo and can be... it put him right to sleep on the couch! Such a fun weekend, wish it could have been longer! (And I wish we would have taken more pictures!!)


Magnolia had her big dance recital and it was fantastic! She did such a great job and was just so beautiful. She was super excited because my parents were able to come and she got flowers at the end. What a special night!

A boy and his worm

Keegan is ALL boy! He loves his rain boots and loves worms. Put those two together and you have a very entertained little guy!

Soccer season

Magnolia's soccer season wrapped up a few weeks back. Such a fun season (minus the yucky weather!) She was on a team with her good friends so she was one happy girl! Here are a few pics from their end of the season party. Keegan really enjoyed the cupcakes! :)

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mothers Day

Magnolia made this sheet all about me for Mother's Day. It was so sweet of her and pretty darn accurate! How in the world did she know how to spell my name correctly?! We had a pretty low key Mother's Day here. David was not feeling very good and it was cold and yucky out so we just hung out all day. (Which would explain the lack of pictures!) I will say I did get a lovely massage last night and a fun night out with my friends afterward as a wonderful Mother's Day present. I am so honored to be called a mom and even more honored to be Magnolia and Keegan's mom. I love them more than words can describe!

Mariah and the girls

My dear friend Mariah came out for a visit and brought her 3 year old and 6 week old. We had such a wonderful time! She did have to postpone her trip because Keegan was sick the first weekend she wanted to come so we had to get better and then they came the following week. Magnolia could not wait to get her hands on a tiny baby and held her every chance she could! She also did great with the 3 year old and loved having a little one that could talk far more thank Keegan! Speaking of Keegan, he loved loved loved the baby. He was so gentle and held her a bunch too. He didn't even care when she would cry while he was holding her! It was also so fun to see him interacting with another little one close to his age. As for me... I truly cherished my time with Mariah! She is such an amazing friend and I am so thankful to have her in my life. I just wish we lived a little bit closer!!

Big boy bike

Who is this little turkey on a 2 wheel bike?! Such a handsome boy!

Girls night out

Magnolia has had the most wonderful class ever this year! She only has 5 girls in her class, which I was a bit apprehensive about in the beginning. It has turned out to be the greatest thing ever! They have become so close and so have us moms! They all have very different personalities but they do amazing together. We decided to take the girls out and do a fancy dinner a couple of weeks ago. We went to The Melting Pot, which is a fondue restaurant. I had never been to one so it was a new experience for me as well! What a fun night with such a great group of girls!