Monday, February 23, 2015

I guess it is still winter

Mother nature reminded us this weekend that it is February and that we live in Colorado. After an amazing stretch of beautiful weather snowy, windy, cold weather decided to make a grand entrance this weekend. I think we ended up with about a foot of snow. Magnolia was beyond happy and Keegan... well... he enjoyed his inside days! Magnolia went sledding with a friend on Sunday for almost 2 hours! I sure do wish I had her love of cold!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine's Day

We had a great Valentines Day on Saturday. David and I have never been big Valentine's Day fans so to shower our kids in love is a lot more fun than planning a night out on the town! We went down to Denver in the morning so Magnolia could go to one of her friend's birthday party. We then found a very fun pizza place for lunch. It was another warm day so we took the chance to eat outside. David and Keegan got Magnolia and I flowers which was oh so very sweet! We ended the day with a family movie night with popcorn. I can't think of 3 people I love more and am so lucky to get to spend the entire day with my loves!

Picnic weather

Friday was a beautiful day. A perfect day for a picnic with friends!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sunglass weather

We have had the most beautiful weather the past week. It definitely feels like spring! We have been able to play at a park everyday. We have even had our windows open to get fresh air and cool down our house! With all of this outside time Keegan has been obsessed with his sunglasses. Such a handsome little fellow!
I ran upstairs for less than 2 minutes. What can happen in such a short amount of time? This! Keegan found the leftover chips that we had from Magnolia's playdate. He took the bags and dumped them all over the floor. I know I am crazy to say this... but I almost wish he would have just eaten them instead of dumping!


We went bowling last week for a fun family outing. Neither kid had ever been bowling, and David and I had never been bowling together either! Pretty sure I impressed my husband of 10 years with my amazing bowling skills! Good to know we can impress each other after all of this time! :) Magnolia had a BLAST bowling and Keegan liked it too. They sure were the cutest bowlers in the place!