Saturday, January 10, 2015

Momo and Grandpa

So my parents were out last week for a very quick trip. Did I remember to take pictures? Nope! Ugh!!! So frustrating! These are the only two pictures we took the whole time. We had a really great time with them. Everyone was healthy which was a huge stress relief for me! The other stress relief? Keegan decided to talk! I was getting VERY frustrated with his lack of communication and constant screaming. The day my parents got here he woke up happy and saying words! (I know it sounds crazy but it is so true!) He repeats words now and puts words to everything! He is a whole new kid... he is happy and not nearly so frustrated with everything! It was fun to have my parents here to witness his talking truly explode! We took my parents into the mountains to see Magnolia ski. In the 5 years that we have lived here they have never ventured into the mountains so that was a big adventure! We stayed in a condo right at the base of the slopes so they could just hang out and watch her come swishin' down. They even watched Keegan so I could go out and ski! What a treat for me!

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