Thursday, January 29, 2015

Airplane ride

We went to Sioux Falls this past weekend. David had to work there so we went along for the ride! We have not been on a plane for awhile so Keegan (and Magnolia) were super excited. This was the first time Keegan got his own seat so he thought he was pretty cool stuff! He loved watching the big planes come into their gates at the airport and Magnolia was right there to explain everything to him. The highlight of the travel... we were invited into the cockpit after our flight home. Keegan charmed the flight attendant when we were getting on the plane and tried to say HI to the pilots when we walked onto the plane. The flight attendant then said that if the pilot had time after the flight he would show us around. Sure enough when we were getting off the pilot came out and invited the kids and I into the cockpit. He put Keegan in the chair and showed him different buttons he could press. He also explained to Magnolia which levers they pull to get the plane up in the air. It was so cool! He couldn't have been nicer and it was truly a magical experience for both kids! I tried to get some pictures but it was a bit tricky!

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