Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My two favorite men

Is this picture not the most adorable thing you have ever seen? Oh it is truly my new favorite picture of my two favorite men! Love love love!

A camping we will go

We had our annual campout in the living room this week. Magnolia packed like she was going to be gone for several days and was very particular setting everything up. I made smore bars and we had a fun family night playing in the tent. Keegan even got into the action and was so very happy playing around. Keegan did not get to sleep in the tent but had fun pretending before heading up to bed. We then blew up an air mattress and David, Magnolia and I crawled in for a very restful evening! ;) Magnolia brought her dream light in so we were even able to turn that on and pretend we were sleeping under the stars!

Saturday, December 27, 2014


We got a bunch of snow Christmas night and yesterday. We were able to get out in the fresh air and enjoy it yesterday. The best part? Keegan did not scream the whole time! Yes, he even smiled! The past winters he has screamed and screamed in the cold. He has hated snow and has let us know loud and clear! This year he even sat in the sled and let us push him around in it! We are making progress! No, he does not love it as much as his sister... but I have never seen anyone who loves snow and cold as much as she does! We may not have gotten pictures on Christmas day, but we got some adorable ones out in the snow!


We had just a lovely Christmas! We had so much fun that I pretty much forgot to take pictures!! Oops! Thankfully I remembered to take some Christmas Eve! We had a very relaxing Christmas Eve. David made us a seafood feast including lobster, crab and shrimp. It was AMAZING!! Keegan had mac n cheese which he also thought was amazing! After our tummies were full we all snuggled in for Polar Express movie night. Keegan is not usually into movies but I must say, he loved it! He giggled, made choo choo sounds and just really enjoyed it. Give the boy a train and he is happy! After the movie Magnolia made a plate of cookies for Santa and made him a special reindeer snack thought up and made by her! So cute! Christmas day was spent leisurely opening presents, eating snacks and enjoying family time. For Christmas dinner we had friends over and had lasagna roll ups and rum cake for dessert. What a lovely lovely day!

Magnolia the artist

Magnolia took an art class for something fun to do this break. She was there for 2 hours and came out with a masterpiece! She painted the most awesome snowman ever! She did everything on her own! So amazing! I love it and will treasure it forever!

Elfie the Elf

So our Elf on the Shelf came back this year. In case you don't know who that it is... his name is Elfie. He comes here every year for the month of December and watches the kids during the day to make sure they are being extra good. Every night he flies back to the North Pole and reports to Santa how the day went. Every morning he is in a new spot in our house and the kids have to find where he will be for that day. This year, Elfie got into some mischief! These pictures are just a few of his highlights! He got into play dough, decorated our tree with toilet paper, got into toothpaste and Magnolia's toothbrush, tried to go fishing for Magnolia's fish, took a marshmallow bubble bath in the Santa house and even took a nap in the kleenex box! What a silly elf!!

Annual Cookie Baking

James came up for our annual cookie baking a few weeks back. (Yes, I am VERY behind on putting pictures up!) He brought his boyfriend, Zach, who was really fun to meet! We baked, and baked and baked some more! Thankfully James had made some dough early so we were able to accomplish a ton in one day! Yum yum and more yum!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Breakfast with Santa

On Sunday we were able to take part in our neighborhood breakfast with Santa morning! The kids were able to sit with Santa and have a very yummy breakfast. After that we got to go on a horse drawn carriage ride around the neighborhood. It was very fun and magical! Keegan was not the biggest fan of Santa but he did stand by him for a picture. Magnolia loved Santa! She chatted with him and told him what she would like for Christmas. What is the hot item on her wish list this year? An electric toothbrush! When she told Santa that she would like an electric toothbrush he said "Oh, you must want more than that!" Her response "Nope!!" Such a funny girl! I have never heard of a little kid asking for a toothbrush! Gee, her dad must be a dentist or something! :)