Monday, October 20, 2014

Momo and Grandpa

My parents came out for a quick trip this past weekend. Magnolia had no idea that they were coming so she got a huge surprise when they showed up at her school with me to pick her up! We were able to cram in a lot in the few days that they were here. We had beautiful weather so were able to get out and enjoy that. We took them to a doughnut shop on Saturday right before Magnolia's soccer game. Both kids had a blast getting spoiled by Momo and Grandpa (even though Keegan is not into posing for pictures right now!!)!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fall field trip

Magnolia got to go on a fall field trip to a farm a couple of weeks ago. Boy oh boy did she have fun! The most exciting part? She got to ride a school bus for the first time! She also got to eat lunch there. She had so much fun! She got to pick LOTS of veggies and came home with a bag of potatoes, onions, egg plant, celery, tomatoes and peppers! Yum!

Tea for Two

Magnolia had a friend over this week and they decided to have a tea party. Thank goodness I had some apple cider, graham crackers and some pink frosting in the fridge for a very fancy snack!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Big Boy

Keegan seems to be changing and growing every day lately! We moved him out of his high chair into a booster at the table last night. Oh was he excited to be a big boy! This morning he came downstairs and the first thing he did was climb up in his booster. I gave him his cereal and juice and then was helping Magnolia with her hair. I looked over at him to find that he had suddenly grown up about 16 years right before my eyes! There he sat, with a paper in hand and slowly ate his cereal as he "read" his paper. Oh my goodness he looked so old (and so darn cute!!!)!

Clothes? Why do I need clothes?!

Well, as the temperature is getting cooler and most people start putting on warmer clothes, Mr Keegan prefers to wear less clothes! He is not a big fan of pants and is not a big fan of long sleeves. He takes both off every chance he gets. He is still getting the hang of how to do so he usually looks a bit funny. The best is when he has his shoes on and then tries to take his pants off. Such a funny little guy!

Brushin teeth

I have never seen a kid who LOVES to brush their teeth as much as Keegan! Just look how happy he is! If Keegan disappears and is abnormally quiet I always know I can find him up in the bathroom brushing his teeth. I sure do wish I had his enthusiasm for dental hygiene! I am pretty sure having the best dentist around as your daddy has something to do with his love for his toothbrush!