Friday, July 25, 2014

My birthday

I had a really great birthday yesterday. It started with a very early breakfast in bed courtesy of Miss Magnolia. I am pretty sure she didn't sleep at all the night before because she really wanted to get up with David and get me breakfast in bed. She is so darn thoughtful! In the morning we went to a big indoor play place that had many inflatable jumpy castles and slides with our friends. Keegan really wanted to go on the big slides but he was way to small so yours truly got to climb up time after time and take him on the slide. After wearing ourselves out we went out for a greek lunch (well... I had greek, Magnolia and Keegan had cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets). When our bellies were full we came home, laid Keegan down for a nap and went to work on a cake. Magnolia and I had such a great time making it. I am pretty sure that both of our favorite part was licking the pan of the homemade chocolate frosting! We had a delicious dinner of Indian food and then our YUMMY cake! What a great day!

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