Sunday, June 22, 2014

Happy Birthday Magnolia!

Magnolia turned 6 yesterday! It is so hard to believe how old she is getting, these past 6 years have gone by so fast! Magnolia is such a sweet, loving, compassionate and funny little girl. I am so proud of who she is and love her more than she will ever know! We had a really wonderful day for her birthday. David and I started the day by bringing her a lemon danish in bed. Boy did she think that was cool! We then opened presents and played with her new stuff. We went to her favorite place, Noodles, for lunch and then got ready for her birthday party. This year we had her party at a gymnastic center with 6 of her friends. It went so smoothly and fun was had by all! It was such a great day! As we were driving home from her party she started to tell me what she wanted to do next year for her party. I told her that we were going to appreciate and enjoy the day and not even think about next year. Her response "Ok mom, I will just talk to you about it tomorrow." Ahh my little party planner is always hard at work! :) Happy Birthday Magnolia! We love you!!!!

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The Hayes Family said...

Six already? Wow, I remember her birthday like it was yesterday! She wanted everyone to know she was worth the nine month wait...that girl was stubborn, LOL! Her party looked like a blast! And I LOVE your cute!