Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

We had a wonderful Easter day today. The Easter bunny came and brought the kids baskets full of goodies along with roller skates for Magnolia and a car for Keegan. Thank goodness it was a beautiful day and we were able to spend a big chunk outside! Magnolia LOVES her roller skates and I am pretty sure that if it was up to her she would sleep with them on! Our friend James came up for a Easter lunch and even took a picture of our little family for us!

Coloring Easter eggs

Magnolia and I colored eggs on Friday afternoon. We did it while Keegan was sleeping so it was a lovely mommy daughter time! Yes, they turned out beautiful! :)

Easter Egg Hunt

Our neighborhood had an Easter egg hunt yesterday. This was Keegan's first hunt. I had very low expectations on how he would do. I guess I underestimated him! He really loved getting the eggs and putting them in his basket. He even figured out how to open the eggs and eat the candy inside. He LOVES jelly beans! Magnolia had a blast too and definitely found her fair share of eggs!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Our Little Vet

Magnolia had "Dress up as what you want to be when you grow up" day at school last week. Last year she wanted to be a teacher. This year she decided she wants to be a vet. It is so fun to see how her interests change as she gets older. I know that whatever she ends up being when she grows up she is going to be amazing at it!

My little man

During the week I get to spend a quiet morning with my little man while Magnolia is at school. I have really treasured this time with him and we have had so much fun. I feel like he is changing every day and am really trying to take in every moment. He is really turning into a toddler instead of a baby. He is so funny, charming and loving. I remind myself daily (even when he is laying on the floor screaming because I can't figure out what he wants) to appreciate and treasure these days. Oh how I love this little guy!

Soccer Season

Magnolia has been back in the soccer season for 3 weeks now. I was so excited to get back to cheering on my girl! She has done so great so far. She has the same wonderful coaches but now has more girls on her team! She is so excited not to be the only girl! Keegan likes to sit on the sidelines, eat some snack and cheer on his big sister!

Grammy and Papa

David's parents were here for the past month. To say our kids got spoiled is an understatement! Anything they wanted to do (or buy... or eat...) was always answered with a yes. They got to go to the park or play outside almost every day, they got to go swimming, Magnolia got to have sleep overs and they both got lots of treats. Keegan discovered he loves ice cream and Magnolia looked forward to her lazy mornings when she got to sleep over. David and I also got to go out on some dates and shop by ourselves! Thank you grammy and papa for everything this past month! We all had such a wonderful time and I know there were many wonderful memories made that will last a lifetime.