Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Happy Boy

Isn't he just the cutest thing you have ever seen?!

Disney On Ice

We took Magnolia to Disney On Ice on Sunday while Grammy and Pappa watched Keegan. She had been fighting an ear infection and a ruptured ear drum so we thought she deserved a treat. She was so excited to go and was such a good girl. It was so fun to watch her sit in pure delight and watch the show!

First cup of coffee

Magnolia asked for some coffee this past weekend. She was shocked when I said "Sure!!!" and got her a cup. I remember having sips of my grandma's coffee when I was little. No cream, no sugar, just straight up black coffee. Seeing as I learned to love black coffee at a young age I thought I better get Magnolia started! Well... she didn't really care for it but I will keep trying! I would love to have a fellow coffee drinker in the house!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Hair Cut

Magnolia decided that she wanted a haircut and she knew exactly how she wanted it cut... SHORT! I took her to the place that I get my haircut and she had such a blast! This was the first time she had her hair washed at a haircut and loved it. She was so cute getting ready for her haircut, she needed to make sure she wore her fancy high heel shoes! Her hair was beautiful before her haircut but man oh man is it cute now! She loves it and can't stop looking in the mirror! We are both really going to love it on school days when it is time to hurry and brush her hair before we head out the door!

Wagon fun

Keegan got a lego wagon for Christmas from one of my brothers and his family. Magnolia and Keegan have had more fun with that silly wagon! Last night Keegan climbed in and Magnolia gave him a ride back and forth back and forth back and forth. She never once told him she was tired, never once asked if she could have a turn, never once complained. She pulled him 100% for his enjoyment. She only stopped when he signed he was all done. That is one heck of a nice sister if you ask me!

Cleaning out my cupboards

Keegan was trying to be a big help the other day and clean out my cupboard. He even got inside the cupboard and crawled around to dust it off! Such a good helper he is!

Opposite Day

It was opposite day at Magnolia's school and once again, she took it to the extreme. She had one side of her hair straight down. The other side was in a high pony tail and curled. She had her black and white shirt on backwards and paired it with polka dot pants. One sleeve up, one sleeve down. One pant leg up, one pant leg down. One boot, one shoe. One striped sock, one dot sock. Whew! I think she thought of everything!

Bubble Fun

I filled my sink with a bunch of bubbles, popped Keegan in his high chair and let him have some bubble fun. At first he was not overly thrilled with the idea but then he realized how much fun it could be! He had the cutest little giggle as he clapped his hands together and watched the bubbles go everywhere! When the big sister saw how much fun he was having she joined in and they both just giggled. Its the little moments like these that make me love being a mom and so thankful I get to stay home and enjoy these two little people!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Snow Shoeing

On our weekend getaway 2 weeks ago we went snowshoeing. Magnolia could not wait to go snowshoeing and begged us until we were out on the trail. There was A LOT of snow and we definitely needed snowshoes on our feet! I am pretty sure Magnolia had no idea how exhausting and hard it can be to snowshoe. She was tired at the end and could not stand up any longer! I just love the last picture! I wore Keegan in the pack and he had a nice nap while on the trail! Pretty sure we all decided that Keegan was the lucky one and had the best spot on this little adventure!

Tea Party

Magnolia decided that her and I needed to have a tea party one afternoon while Keegan was napping. She found a big box and set the whole thing up in her room. She made some yummy snacks and even had some homemade flowers for decoration. Love this girl!


Magnolia took a pretty good spill while skiing. She was so brave and it really didn't seem to even phase her. When her and David came in for lunch she had blood on her face and a bloody lip. I said "MAGNOLIA!!! What happened?!?!?" She casually said "oh, I had a little fall. Don't worry, dad cleaned it all out with the snow." Whew! She is one tough cookie! I would not be that brave, pretty sure I would have called it a day! Magnolia could not gobble down her lunch fast enough and was back out there as soon as she could get her dad to drink his last sips of diet Pepsi!

Granby Ranch

We went into the mountains 2 weeks ago. It was an absolute blast! We stayed in a condo right at the bottom of the ski hill so Keegan loved to look out the window and watch all of the people skiing down the hill. Both kids also liked climbing around in the snow and going through little tunnels. It was so nice to have a little getaway and enjoy time just the 4 of us!

Magnolia Skiing

Here is a video of Magnolia skiing a couple of weeks ago. She was SO happy this weekend and couldn't get enough of being on the slopes!