Monday, December 23, 2013

Momo and Grandpa

My parents came out a few days after David's parents left. Their trip out here started out wonderful the first 2 days they were here. They were able to go to Magnolia's school program and my mom and Magnolia went to the Nutcracker. After that the trip went downhill rather quickly. My dad ended up getting pneumonia while here and was hospitalized pretty much the rest of their trip. It was very scary but I can officially report he is back in Sioux Falls and getting lots of rest. Magnolia was very concerned about her grandpa so she thought we should throw him a party when he was finally released from the hospital. She made welcome home signs, we made cookies and she made up several games to play. Grandpa was not able to play the games but the rest of us were very busy learning all of the rules to these new games! I sure do hope the next time they visit it is a little less eventful!

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