Sunday, December 29, 2013

Camping out

Last night we went camping... camping in the living room! Magnolia had wanted to camp out in the backyard this fall and it just never seemed to happen. So, I told her over Christmas break we would camp in the living room. I made smore bars and got out the flashlights, lantern, and everything else to have a real camp out. Keegan had fun playing around in the tent before he went to bed. After putting Keegan to bed we shut off all the lights and made shadow puppets, ate our smore bars, played a game by the light of the lantern, read books with a flashlight and just had plane ol' fun. After such a great night David tucked us girls into the tent and headed up into our nice comfortable bed. Magnolia informed him that he should probably sleep upstairs so that he could be close to "Mr Cooper" in case "the little guy" needs anything. I must admit that I was kind of dreading the whole thing. In the end it was so fun and it was so nice just to hang out with my little girl.

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