Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Loves his dada

To say that Keegan adores his daddy is an understatement! Anytime David is home Keegan is by his side. David had to go out and clean up the backyard and get stuff ready for winter this past weekend. We decided this was not a project for Keegan to help with. Keegan did not agree with us. He stood at the back door and watched his dad the whole time. He tried to get out a few times and screamed a few times hoping I would give in and let him go out. I told him that if he would just learn to walk it would be so much easier for him to go out and help! :) We also went to a new park on Sunday. It was a beautiful day here and the kids were feeling so good we just needed to get some fresh air. The new park had a slide that Keegan LOVED and it also had a great climbing wall so that he could practice his crazy climbing skills.

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