Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween

We had a good Halloween season this year. Yes, I called it Halloween season! Seeing as I love Halloween I feel like we have been celebrating it for several weeks. Last weekend we took the kids to a really fun trick or treat festival downtown. I am now very thankful we did that because Keegan was not feeling good at all yesterday so he was not able to get in his costume and join his sister trick or treating. Poor little guy! Thank goodness he got to wear his costume on Sunday and we were even with it enough to have the camera and take his picture! Yesterday we had pumpkin shaped pancakes for breakfast and then our annual orange dinner before trick or treating. Magnolia had a blast and ran (in high heels!!!!) from house to house with a few of her favorite neighbor kids. Keegan did perk up enough to enjoy every trick or treater that came to the door. I think he thought everyone was coming to play and he would get very sad and cry every time they left and we shut the door. Cant wait for next year when he can run from house to house with his sister!

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