Saturday, October 26, 2013

Soccer Season

Magnolia had her last game of the soccer season today. It was such a fantastic season! She loved it and improved greatly over these past 8 weeks. She had the most wonderful coaches, two young college girls who truly gave it their all. I must admit, I was so hesitant to do the whole soccer thing. I pictured a dad of one of the kids as her coach. I pictured parents who put tons of pressure on their kids. I pictured Magnolia not enjoying it at all. I was wrong on all accounts! The coaches were so fun. They encouraged all of the kids and never once put any pressure on them. The parents of all of the other on her team were so supportive of the whole team and knew that at this age it is all about fun. And Magnolia? She loved it! She had so much fun and had the cutest little skip in her step after she scored a goal. Today Magnolia got a trophy that she couldnt be more excited about. She was all smiles getting her first trophy! What a great season! (And dont tell anyone but I am secretly counting down the days until we can do spring soccer!)

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