Monday, September 9, 2013

Well, I am officially a soccer mom. Wow! I have never been a huge fan of soccer, until now. Now I think my daughter is the cutest soccer player on the planet. I now am cheering her on and am so excited to see her play. I now LOVE being a soccer mom and am just so darn proud! Magnolia had her first game on Saturday. She scored 3 goals! The first goal she scored was the first goal of the game and happened so fast that I think everyone was still trying to figure everything out, except for Magnolia! She had practice on Tuesday and after watching that practice I thought she would be more interested in catching bugs than playing soccer. I couldnt have been more wrong! She is on an all boys team, which again, I thought would bother her. Once again, I couldnt be more wrong! She LOVES being on that team and I think being the only girl really empowers her to try harder! On our drive home from the game on Saturday she said "My coaches kept on telling me to pass the ball. Why would I do that? It is just so much easier for me just to kick it in the goal myself." Ahhh, she is so her dads daughter! I am pretty sure that is his philosophy in life as well! So funny! The video I am posting is of Magnolia kicking in her 3 goals, which is seriously the cutest thing I have ever seen! I cant wait for the next game!! Go Team Batman!! (Did I mention she is on an all boys team?? She wanted the team name to be Team Rapunzel, but that got shot down rather quickly!!!)

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