Monday, September 2, 2013

Snowmass and Aspen

We went on a little family getaway this weekend. To say it was great would be an understatement! It was so fun to go somewhere just the 4 of us! It was a 4 hour trip in the car, and both kids did great! We dont do many road trips so I was a bit worried how Keegan would do. Thankfully he was a real trooper! We stayed in an amazing condo in Snowmass and just spent our time exploring. We went to Aspen and road the gondola up the mountain. It was the best gondola ride I had ever been on! We also found a park right in the middle of downtown that Magnolia enjoyed. Keegan was the most happy when he was able to crawl around and explore on his own. We went to a cool mammoth museum where we got to watch them cleaning off real fossils! I sure do love spending time with my little family and truly appreciate how hard David works so we can do fun things like this weekend.

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The Hayes Family said...

What a great wife you are to recognize how hard David works for you and your family. A lot of times we wives/mothers get frustrated that we have all of the duties we have while they're off at work getting a "break". But to have all of the financial responsibility they have and we're worried about having to change another poopy diaper? Well it really doesn't compare. Thanks for your post and for the reminder that I too have a great husband I'm thankful for. I think I'll go and tell him right now!
PS-Your trip looked amazing! Glad you had a great time.