Monday, September 9, 2013

First Day Of School

Last Tuesday was Magnolia's first day of preschool. We decided to hold her back and send her to kinder next year. She was either going to be the youngest in her class or the oldest... and we chose oldest. Academically she is beyond ready but socially I think she would do better waiting a year. I also think of those teen years and really think that extra year is going to do her good. (Lets not mention that I also was just not ready to send my girl to kindergarten yet!!) So, she will do preschool again this year for 4 days a week. She was so excited to start the year and have some structure in her life. Me? Well... I was a bit sad to see summer end. I LOVE summer and feel like it went just way to fast. Being pregnant last summer during the hottest summer on record was miserable. I couldnt wait for summer to be over. But this summer? It was awesome! We had so much fun at the pool, playing outside and just enjoying the Colorado days. Oh well, all good things must come to an end and now I must embrace the few hours that Magnolia is at school. My plans for those hours? I will spend quality time with Keegan and give him the one on one attention that Magnolia used to get 24/7 at his age! He will hopefully nap a bit during that time too, which I will use to power clean, do laundry, dishes, update the blog... the list goes on and on!


The Hayes Family said...

Nap? Is that even a word in a SAHM's vocabulary? Good for you if you can get one in! I'm jealous is all. :)

The Hayes Family said...

I had to laugh. You were referring to Keegan napping...not you! Okay, makes more sense now, LOL!

Maki said...

Ha you are funny! A nap for me?? Ahh I wish!