Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Uncle Eric

Uncle Eric came up today for a little visit. He is in Colorado for some concerts and drove up here just to see us! We did not tell Magnolia that he was coming. He came to pick her up from school and the look on her face when she saw him standing there was priceless. She was so confused! After she got over the shock of him being there she was very happy to see him! He only got to stay a few hours but I really appreciate the time he took to come see us!

Granby Ranch

While David's parents were here we went to Granby Ranch for a quick little weekend getaway. This is one of my favorite places in Colorado. We went to Grand Lake and road the chairlift up to the top of the mountain. This was Keegan's first chairlift! He really enjoyed it and just snuggled into me. He loves swinging so I think he thought it was just a big swing. I have recently realized that we dont have very many pictures of the 4 of us so we made sure to remember to have grammy and pappa take some! Thank you to them for taking some great photos!
While in the mountains we went up to where we took a bunch of pictures right before Keegan was born. Both trips Magnolia picked wildflowers and made a beautiful bouquet. Look how much has changed in the past year!


Its official. We have become a Denver Broncos family. Yes, we still cheer for the Vikings, and yes we still cheer for Oklahoma Sooners for college football. We were not getting to watch many of our teams football games so we have added the Broncos to the list. It is so fun to cheer for a team that you live by! There are SO many Bronco fans so Magnolia loves to wear her shirt and see everyone else doing the same. She also enjoys watching the games and yelling "GO TEAM BRONCOS! GO TEAM BRONCOS!" She is very energetic! Keegan has even figured out how to clap, and of course, he loves seeing the cheerleaders... such a boy! :)

Grammy and Pappa

Grammy and Pappa were here this past week for a visit. Other than the Colorado floods it was a pretty low key trip. We did a lot of playing, shopping a bit, went into the mountains, and Magnolia and grammy had a tea party. The last time they saw Keegan he was not mobile and now he is a crawling machine and has even started to pull himself up on his feet. He had MANY new tricks to show them! Magnolia had fun showing them her new classroom and just enjoyed being silly. So fun!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Well, I am officially a soccer mom. Wow! I have never been a huge fan of soccer, until now. Now I think my daughter is the cutest soccer player on the planet. I now am cheering her on and am so excited to see her play. I now LOVE being a soccer mom and am just so darn proud! Magnolia had her first game on Saturday. She scored 3 goals! The first goal she scored was the first goal of the game and happened so fast that I think everyone was still trying to figure everything out, except for Magnolia! She had practice on Tuesday and after watching that practice I thought she would be more interested in catching bugs than playing soccer. I couldnt have been more wrong! She is on an all boys team, which again, I thought would bother her. Once again, I couldnt be more wrong! She LOVES being on that team and I think being the only girl really empowers her to try harder! On our drive home from the game on Saturday she said "My coaches kept on telling me to pass the ball. Why would I do that? It is just so much easier for me just to kick it in the goal myself." Ahhh, she is so her dads daughter! I am pretty sure that is his philosophy in life as well! So funny! The video I am posting is of Magnolia kicking in her 3 goals, which is seriously the cutest thing I have ever seen! I cant wait for the next game!! Go Team Batman!! (Did I mention she is on an all boys team?? She wanted the team name to be Team Rapunzel, but that got shot down rather quickly!!!)

First Day Of School

Last Tuesday was Magnolia's first day of preschool. We decided to hold her back and send her to kinder next year. She was either going to be the youngest in her class or the oldest... and we chose oldest. Academically she is beyond ready but socially I think she would do better waiting a year. I also think of those teen years and really think that extra year is going to do her good. (Lets not mention that I also was just not ready to send my girl to kindergarten yet!!) So, she will do preschool again this year for 4 days a week. She was so excited to start the year and have some structure in her life. Me? Well... I was a bit sad to see summer end. I LOVE summer and feel like it went just way to fast. Being pregnant last summer during the hottest summer on record was miserable. I couldnt wait for summer to be over. But this summer? It was awesome! We had so much fun at the pool, playing outside and just enjoying the Colorado days. Oh well, all good things must come to an end and now I must embrace the few hours that Magnolia is at school. My plans for those hours? I will spend quality time with Keegan and give him the one on one attention that Magnolia used to get 24/7 at his age! He will hopefully nap a bit during that time too, which I will use to power clean, do laundry, dishes, update the blog... the list goes on and on!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Snowmass and Aspen

We went on a little family getaway this weekend. To say it was great would be an understatement! It was so fun to go somewhere just the 4 of us! It was a 4 hour trip in the car, and both kids did great! We dont do many road trips so I was a bit worried how Keegan would do. Thankfully he was a real trooper! We stayed in an amazing condo in Snowmass and just spent our time exploring. We went to Aspen and road the gondola up the mountain. It was the best gondola ride I had ever been on! We also found a park right in the middle of downtown that Magnolia enjoyed. Keegan was the most happy when he was able to crawl around and explore on his own. We went to a cool mammoth museum where we got to watch them cleaning off real fossils! I sure do love spending time with my little family and truly appreciate how hard David works so we can do fun things like this weekend.

Like father like daughter

After looking at these pictures is there any question who Magnolia looks like??? I see so much resemblance in these two it is kind of scary!

Family Time

While in Snowmass we saw my aunt, uncle, cousin, my cousins husband and their little guy named Connor. We do not get to see them very often so it was a real treat to be able to spend some time with them. Keegan is only a few months older than Connor so it was really fun to see those two interact. They seemed to really like each other! Magnolia really enjoyed being the older cousin and kept pretty close tabs on the babies. We had such a great time, I sure wish we could see all of them more often!