Sunday, August 25, 2013

Happy First Birthday Keegan!

Happy birthday to our amazing Keegan Cooper! How is it even possible that he is 1 already?! I have never had a year go by as fast as this past one has gone. This little guy has brought us so much joy and has truly overfilled our hearts with love. He is such an amazing little guy! He is so very happy, social and sweet. Every single day for the past year Magnolia has said "I love my baby brother!" The love that Magnolia and Keegan have for each other is just priceless. She was so excited to celebrate his birthday! I was kind of thinking there would be some jealousy coming from her on his birthday but that was definitely not the case. She showered him with cards, decorations she made, and many many hugs and cuddles. We had such a wonderful day! We had a very low key day of just playing and having fun. It has been 2 weeks since we had a day with just the 4 of us so we took full advantage of every moment we had yesterday! We started the day by going to ihop (Magnolia's favorite breakfast place that she really wanted to go to on Keegan's special day!). After our big breakfast and Keegan's nap we played outside, opened some presents and just hung out. Keegan LOVED listening on the phone to the singing of Happy Birthday to him and had lots of fun with his new toys. Magnolia was set on getting him a jack-in-the-box for a very long time. It took awhile to find the perfect one but once we did she couldn't wait to give it to him. She was just thrilled to give it to him and sit and play with him. It was exactly what she had been waiting for! After a pizza dinner it was cake time! Keegan LOVED the frosting! He learned that it was much easier just to pick up the whole plate and bring it up to his face instead of using his fingers to get the frosting! Such a fun day! Happy birthday Keegan, we love you more than you will ever know!

The past 12 months

Here is a look at how much Keegan changed in the past year!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Lake Cabin

We were able to spend some time at my parent's lake cabin. The first day was beautiful! Perfectly calm, warm and wonderful! Magnolia loved swimming and fishing! After that day the winds seemed to get stronger and stronger and stronger. The last 2 days it was so windy there was very little you could do outside. We did get to go into town and take part in the turtle races, which was an absolute blast! Here is how it works: You pick a turtle (if you did not bring your own!) and when they call your number you get to take your turtle into the middle circle. When they say "GO!" you set your turtle down along with everyone else and see whose turtle crawls out to the outer circle first. Magnolia's turtle won! We then got to race in the semi finals... where her turtle won again! She did not win the finals but did come in 3rd out of about 50 turtles. It really was a fun time! (Well... until the end when Magnolia cried because she didnt get first place. Such a competitive child... can sure tell she is David's child!!) We also got to see Susy and Hannah. We saw Matt for a very short time because he was working all weekend. Keegan decided to sleep the whole time Matt was there so that was kind of a bummer!

Sioux Falls

The kids and I just got back from a trip back to see my family. We spent a few days in Sioux Falls and a few days at the cabin. While in Sioux Falls we celebrated Momo's birthday, saw Ryan, Anna, Landon and Hadley, saw Grandpa Roger and Grandma Alice, went to a park for a concert and saw a friend of mine and her 3 girls. The girls thought it would be fun to play dress up with Keegan so that would explain the pictures of him in the tutu and leotard. I am pretty sure he is going to hate those pictures some day but I think they are pretty darn funny!