Thursday, July 25, 2013

11 months old

It is hard to believe that my little guy is 11 months old! Next month he is going to be 1!!! Oh my goodness!!! This little guy is so full of personality! This past month seemed to be a big one in terms of personality! He is so sweet, so lovable, such a flirt and is so busy!! His smile is over the top cute! He has really gotten the whole crawling thing down (except if he is on grass...he wont move!) He LOVES to find the door stops and either make them go BOOOIIIINNNNNNGGGGGG or take the little white cap off and try to eat it. He will also eat any shoes he can get ahold of! He loves to do this really silly laugh while out and about to get girls to notice him. We were at the store earlier this week and he grabbed a lady as she walked by and gave her his killer smile along with his funny laugh. She immediately started laughing and said "Oh my goodness, he is going to be just like my boys!" I looked at her and said "Are they flirts?" She said "YES! And they haven't grown out of that phase yet!!" So fun! I must say, the only thing that truly tests my patience with Mr Keegan is this VERY loud screeching sound he does. He really loves doing it when we are out to eat... so we rarely go out to eat anymore! I was reminded by a friend that one day we will notice that he doesn't do it anymore and maybe just maybe we will laugh about it and wish he did it again. :)

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