Thursday, July 25, 2013

11 months old

It is hard to believe that my little guy is 11 months old! Next month he is going to be 1!!! Oh my goodness!!! This little guy is so full of personality! This past month seemed to be a big one in terms of personality! He is so sweet, so lovable, such a flirt and is so busy!! His smile is over the top cute! He has really gotten the whole crawling thing down (except if he is on grass...he wont move!) He LOVES to find the door stops and either make them go BOOOIIIINNNNNNGGGGGG or take the little white cap off and try to eat it. He will also eat any shoes he can get ahold of! He loves to do this really silly laugh while out and about to get girls to notice him. We were at the store earlier this week and he grabbed a lady as she walked by and gave her his killer smile along with his funny laugh. She immediately started laughing and said "Oh my goodness, he is going to be just like my boys!" I looked at her and said "Are they flirts?" She said "YES! And they haven't grown out of that phase yet!!" So fun! I must say, the only thing that truly tests my patience with Mr Keegan is this VERY loud screeching sound he does. He really loves doing it when we are out to eat... so we rarely go out to eat anymore! I was reminded by a friend that one day we will notice that he doesn't do it anymore and maybe just maybe we will laugh about it and wish he did it again. :)

My birthday

I had a great birthday yesterday! Magnolia wished me HAPPY BIRTHDAY about 1,468 times, which made me feel very loved! Our dear friends Kate, Bella and Olivia came up to spend the day with us. All of the kids had a ton of fun together! Kate brought some very yummy cake and helped make the day very special! When David came home from work we went out for a quick dinner. After that I got a beautiful necklace from my incredible family! The pendent on the necklace is a mom, dad and 2 kids... so beautiful! What a wonderful day with wonderful people!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sibling love

What a cute picture huh?! Can you see the sibling love? Can you see what Magnolia is doing to Keegan's ear? Poor little guy, I didnt even notice she was doing that until I loaded the pics on the computer. Well... I am guessing it isnt going to be the last time she does something not so nice to him! I am also guessing he will do a few not so nice things to her as well! Honestly, these are the little things that I just love about having 2 kids!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mariah and Marisol

Mariah and Marisol came for a very fun visit. Magnolia ADORED Marisol, and I think the feeling was mutual. I think Keegan was kind of left in the dust when it came to Magnolia's attention! Marisol is 6 months older than Keegan. It was so fun to see all of the stuff they learn in 6 months! She was so much more interactive and into playing with Magnolia! She was also much more quiet than Keegan, which I am pretty sure Magnolia really appreciated! Keegan and Marisol are the exact same size so we did get asked if they were twins! So fun! I am so very lucky to have such a wonderful friend who will take time out of her very busy schedule to come and visit us! I am pretty sure a trip to San Fran to visit her will soon be put in the books!

Ryan and Anna

Ryan, Anna, Landon and Hadley came for a very quick visit this week. They were vacationing in Yellowstone and drove 8 hours out of their way to visit us! We had a great time watching the 4 kids play. We also went on the New Belgium brewery tour, out for lunch downtown and swam/picnic at the pool. It was so great seeing them and we were so thankful they took time to come and visit us!

Garage Sale

We had a garage sale last weekend. Magnolia decided that she really wanted to sell drinks, donuts and cookies. She helped make a sign, set up her table with her cash register and boy oh boy did she sell! She had SO much fun sitting at the end of the driveway selling and selling and selling. It was very hot that day but she didnt care! I had prepared her that probably only a couple of people would buy and she would probably make a couple dollars. I was way off. The girl made over $20.00! The impressive thing is she never asked if she could eat a donut or cookie, she wanted to sell them all! After our very successful garage sale we took her to Target so she could spend her earnings. She bought an icee to drink while shopping and then a pink princess slip-n-slide. The next morning we set her slip-n-slide up and she played out there forever! Keegan had a lot of fun watching his big sister fall down and slide all over the place. I am so proud of Magnolia for her determination and drive to sell like a rockstar! :)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

On the move!!!

Well, its official.. Keegan is mobile! He can crawl!!! He started crawling on Monday evening at Barnes & Noble and LOVES the fact he can move! This video was taken yesterday. Oh our world will never be the same! Let the baby proofing begin!

Monday, July 8, 2013

My aunt and family drove up to see us in the cities the night before we flew back to Colorado. We only got to see them for a very short time but I will take what I can get! Magnolia was beyond wound up the whole time we saw them so they got to see her in rare form! ;) Syd and Eli were about the ages of my kids now when I moved up to Duluth and really got to know them. It is so crazy to see them all grown up hanging out with my little peanuts! Oh how time flies!

Summer Fun

We went to David's lake cabin over the 4th for some good ol' midwest lake fun... which was definitely had by all! We got to see Katie, Eric and kids for a day, which is always a blast. Magnolia just ADORES her cousins and missed them terribly after they left. We also got to see David's cousin and kids for some more lake fun. They even took Keegan on his first golf cart ride! Magnolia was very busy doing everything "lakey" and loved every minute. She caught frogs, fish, turtles, tadpoles, went on a kayak, paddle boat, pontoon, roasted marshmallows, and even took a sauna. Keegan was fighting a bit of a cold and was teething the first few days but was a real trooper. He loved going on a boat ride and was very social with everyone. It's so fun to see our kids love the lake and be real midwest kids!