Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Party Time

Magnolia had her friend birthday on Sunday. She was so lucky that all 7 of her dear friends were able to come! She loves the movie "Tangled" so that was the theme of her party. We made all the girls long Rapunzel braids and the boys got Flynn Rider satchels. We had beautiful weather so we got to do games outside. We played Pin Pascal on Rapunzel, crepe paper friends, throw pascal in the frying pan, Rapunzel braid limbo and paint a mural. The food we made also went along with the movie. We had Jello boats, Rapunzel fruit tower, braid bread, and magic golden flower juice. Keegan was a huge flirt during the party and loved playing with his friend, Fiona. The party was a blast and it was so fun to see all of her wonderful friends... but man oh man was I exhausted Sunday night! I thought we would be taking a break for awhile from all the birthday talk but first thing Monday morning Magnolia comes to me and says "I have been thinking about my 6 year old birthday party and boy do I have some good ideas!" Ha! I quickly told her I was not even thinking about her turning 6 and we are done talking about her birthday for a very long time! She has not mentioned her party the past two days, but has moved on to planning Keegans. Pretty sure we have a party planner on our hands! I cant imagine her wedding some day! :)

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