Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Pool is OPEN!

Our neighborhood pool opened yesterday and man were we excited! It was a hot day, perfect for our first swim of the season. Keegan LOVED swimming and just couldnt get enough of it! He would splash like crazy and never fussed if water got in his eyes. We bought a float raft for him to sit in while in the big pool but he kept trying to get out and just be in the water without it. He was so funny because he doesnt make a whole lot of effort to move around on the floor but put him in a raft and he will crawl out in no time. Magnolia pretty much just picked up where she left off last year. She does love the water! I must say, it was so weird going to the pool for me. Last year I spent so many hours in that pool with a huge belly trying to cool off. Now I already have a 9 month old who is sitting, splashing and laughing. Where does the time go?!

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