Monday, May 6, 2013

Take me out to the ball game

David got tickets to the Colorado Rockies baseball game on Friday night from on the the oral surgeons he refers patients to. Wow! The seats were incredible! They were 20 rows up from home plate. It was such a fun night and both kids did great! We got there early and walked around a bit. They have a couple of playgrounds in the stadium so we let Magnolia climb around for a bit. She also had it in her head that the night wouldnt be complete without some popcorn, a hotdog and a foam finger. She sat and cheered on the Rockies with all of her heart. They scored a couple of home runs so she really got to cheer hard then. Keegan ate a little, played a little, slept a little... pretty much everything that an 8 month old should do. Such fun family memories were made on Friday night!

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The Hayes Family said...

Oh you are so brave to take the kids! I would have told David to go with a buddy! One. Brave. Mom. You rock!