Thursday, May 2, 2013

Snow Day

Yesterday was a snow day here. All of the schools were closed. It was cold and cloudy and snowy. What a perfect day to stay inside and be creative! Magnolia was in such a fun mood yesterday and was just full of ideas. She decided that she needed to make a cat costume. So, she colored a whole bunch of papers, taped them together and then taped them onto herself. How can you be a cat without a mask? I got her a paper plate and then had to go up and feed Keegan. After a bit she came up wearing her cat outfit. I couldnt believe she made the mask all by herself! She cut out eye holes and even attached a string. Amazing! After being a cat we decided to try a new recipe for some brownies. She can now crack the eggs and loves to bake. She was so excited to serve her bars for dessert after dinner. So... she had me make some menus and after dinner she was our waitress. David and I put in our orders and we were told that we need to chit chat with each other and do not peek into the kitchen. After a few minutes our waitress brought over our dessert plates. They each had a brownie (with marshmallows that she added), some carrots, strawberries, banana and of course deli turkey meat. Mmmm! What a wonderful surprise! I couldnt think of any better way to end a wonderful snow day!

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CarlaCarlaCarlaCarla said...

Snow in May – egads. Frankly, I'm relieved it didn't happen to me!

The picture of Magnolia in her chefs hat is precious.