Saturday, April 27, 2013

8 Months Old

Keegan is now 8 months old! He had a pretty exciting month this past month. He got a tooth and has mastered sitting up! He is getting quite the personality. He just LOVES having people pay attention to him out and about. Just in the past week or so he has started to screech and make noises until people look at him. He has fallen in love with swinging at playgrounds and we are working on getting him used to wearing a hat to shade him from this powerful Colorado sun. His sleeping seems to be hit or miss these days. He continues to adore his big sister. I dont think there is anything in this world that makes him happier than when she gives him a little attention. Such a fun and handsome little man!

Miss Magnolia

Last week at Magnolia's school they asked the kids to dress up like what they wanted to be when they grew up. For the longest time Magnolia wanted to be an astronaut and a president. I must say, I was shocked (and proud) when she said she wanted to be a teacher. Magnolia's "Go big or go home" philosophy shined through on this task and once again, she was the most decked out kid in her class. She insisted on getting some glasses, clip on earrings and her hair in a bun. We bought the glasses on the weekend and she refused to take them off! Pretty sure she is the most adorable teacher I have ever seen!

Monday, April 15, 2013

I just love it when people sneeze!

I sneezed the other night and Keegan thought it was the funniest thing ever! I then pretended to sneeze and oh how he laughed. Thank goodness I had my phone right next to me and could video this funny guy. If this video doesnt make you smile I dont know what will! :)

Hot Tub Fun

Well, lets go ahead and add a hot tub to our list of dream items we wish we had! We took both kids in the hot tub in Steam Boat and man oh man did they love it! (Dont worry, we turned it way down so it wasnt very hot!) Magnolia was very hesitant to get in but once she saw her little brother loving it she decided to give it a try. In the end we couldnt get Magnolia out! I just LOVE these pictures!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Grammy and Papa

Grammy and Papa were able to spend the past month in Colorado. They rented a cute little house and great times were had by all. Magnolia learned very quickly that Grammy and Papa would pretty much say "Yes" to anything! (Including blowing up balloons, playing outside, playing Old Maid and of course special treats!) Magnolia even got to sleep over at their house! David and I were able to go out on some much needed dates and Keegan showed him all of his new tricks. Thank you so much for everything! Our kids are very lucky to have such a wonderful Grammy and Papa!


David and his brother Eric

Auntie Katie and Uncle Eric

Thank you Katie and Eric for bringing out your amazing family to visit us. We had a fantastic time and truly appreciate everything you did to get out here! We love you!

Skiing Rock Star

We went to Steam Boat Springs with David's parents, brother and his family. It was such a wonderful little getaway! The best part was I was able to ski with Magnolia! I have never been able to go with her so this was very special to me! (Thank you Grammy and Papa for watching Keegan while I got out!) This girl is such a great little skier! It wont be to long before she will be to good to ski with me!

Cousin Fun

David's brother and his family came out for a very fun filled week. To say that Magnolia LOVED having cousins out here is an understatement! She enjoyed every single second with them and says that she misses them every day. Keegan also was excited to meet them and get to know these cousins. It was so great to have them out here! They were fantastic with both Keegan and Magnolia! Thank you "Michigan cousins" for such a great week. We love you!

Hoppy Easter

We had a great Easter. There were Easter egg hunts, a big huge bunny, time with family and of course candy. Lots and lots of candy! Keegan did not get to taste any candy but I am sure he will be trying some next year!