Sunday, March 3, 2013

Playing around

Have I mentioned just how much Magnolia LOVES her little brother? I remember when I was pregnant she said she only wanted a sister. She said this every day. When Keegan was born both David and I were a bit worried how Magnolia was going to handle having a brother. Now I look back and laugh at the fact that I worried about that. This girl loves Keegan more than anything. She says almost daily "I just love my little brother. He is the best brother ever." I have only heard her get frustrated with him once. Most of the time she is making sure he has enough toys, and making him smile. The day of these pictures she decided they were going to have a sleep over so she made little beds for them. Their beds started pretty far apart and by the end of the play time they were snuggled right next to each other. They were so cute I just couldnt pick one picture to put on the blog!

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