Saturday, March 9, 2013

Play date

We had a fantastic day on Thursday. We had Amy and her 2 kids and Kate with her 2 kids up to play. Magnolia, Bella and Asher did fantastic playing with each other. It was so fun to see them interacting in such a fun and positive way. They mostly played dress up and restaurant. The cool thing was that all three of them played with each other the whole time and had very minimal problems. The 3 younger kids also had fun getting to know one another. Amy's Asher is only 3 weeks younger than Magnolia and her Fiona is only 3 months younger than Keegan. We thought we should get a picture of just Keegan and Fiona because Amy and I agreed that we believe in arranged marriages! :) What a fun day! Oh, I should also mention that it was 68 outside that day. Spring is coming!! (Although I must admit it is dumping snow as I am typing this!)

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