Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mom's Tea

Magnolia's school had the most adorable time for moms last Saturday. Magnolia and I left the boys at home and got in the car to head for her school. I must admit, I was really excited to have this special time with my little munchkin. We were in the car a whole 45 seconds before she said "Gee mom, this isnt much fun without Keegan and Daddy." Oh thanks Magnolia! (Yes I know, it was VERY sweet of her to think and say that...) When we got to her school I dropped my adorable little girl off at her class and headed to the gym. I then sat down at a table with other moms from Magnolia's class and RELAXED! I was able to enjoy my brunch without having to hold a baby or help anyone get situated with their food. It was so nice and I truly enjoyed every moment. The kids had painted a picture of their mom and they decorated the gym with them. After a bit the kids came and sang us some songs and did a little program for us. So cute! When the kids went back to their class the teachers showed a picture that each child drew and then told what the kids said about their moms. I took a video of this part and will try to upload it to the blog soon. As I sat at this program I once again thought about how much I love being a mom. My children mean the world to me and I cant put into words how much I love them.

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