Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Momo and Grandpa

We went to Sioux Falls last week. We were lucky enough to have David join us for the first few days and then it was just the kids and I the rest of the time. We had a very busy but fun time. Both kids did fantastic on the flights. We went to a park with a very fun indoor play area (it was far to cold to be playing outside!) It was just perfect for Magnolia. They had a canoe, a tent, a pretend campfire and some fish. What more could this girl ask for? Grandpa and Momo were very adventurous and went canoeing with Magnolia. Thank goodness she didnt tip them out! Another fun adventure Magnolia had with Momo and Grandpa was making ornaments out of birdseed for the birds. Her, Keegan and Momo sat for a very long time looking out the window waiting for those birds to come take a nibble.

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