Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Momo and Grandpa

We went to Sioux Falls last week. We were lucky enough to have David join us for the first few days and then it was just the kids and I the rest of the time. We had a very busy but fun time. Both kids did fantastic on the flights. We went to a park with a very fun indoor play area (it was far to cold to be playing outside!) It was just perfect for Magnolia. They had a canoe, a tent, a pretend campfire and some fish. What more could this girl ask for? Grandpa and Momo were very adventurous and went canoeing with Magnolia. Thank goodness she didnt tip them out! Another fun adventure Magnolia had with Momo and Grandpa was making ornaments out of birdseed for the birds. Her, Keegan and Momo sat for a very long time looking out the window waiting for those birds to come take a nibble.

Grandpa Roger and Grandma Alice

While we were in Sioux Falls Keegan got to meet his great grandparents and Magnolia got to show them all of her latest tricks.

Matt, Sus, Lindsay and Hannah

The Flogstad's of Donnelly came down to Sioux Falls. Magnolia's highlights of their trip included swimming and being lifted into the air by Linds, Hannah and Sus. Keegan had a great nap in Uncle Matt's arms which I am guessing was the highlight for him. :)

Teresa and Eli

Teresa and Eli were able to come for a very quick visit while we were in Sioux Falls. I am very honored... Keegan was the first baby that Eli has ever held. I am pretty sure they bonded for life over that little fact! Also, do you see that iphone? Keegan LOVED it! I have been nagging David for a very long time about getting one and it never happened. After he saw how much Keegan loved it I guess he felt the need to get me one because when we got home there was one sitting on the counter for me. Thank you Teresa for helping David see the light!


Magnolia had a blast with her cousin, Dylan. They loved looking at books together and coloring pictures. I love the picture of Magnolia and Dylan at the pool. (Pay no attention to Magnolia's shorts falling down!) She was tickling him and he really thought it was the funniest thing ever.

Ryan Anna Landon and Hadley

The first night in Sioux Falls we were able to spend time with my brother and his family. Magnolia had a blast playing with her cousins. Most of her cousins are much older than she is so it was fun to see her play with ones around her age. Landon and Hadley also LOVED holding Keegan!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The boy in the exersaucer

Look how big Keegan is getting! His feet are touching the floor of his exersaucer! He is just growing so fast! I continue to love every day with him and am so thankful for him. I am appreciating every phase he is in and making sure I enjoy what he can do. With Magnolia I was constantly thinking "oh I cant wait for her to ______ " (Fill in the blank with every milestone!) With Keegan I am making a very conscious effort to love exactly where he is at and not wish for more. I must say it goes so much faster the 2nd time around!

I LOVE my feet!

Keegan has recently found his feet and boy does he love them!! He loves to pull his socks off and eat his toes. So cute! He also loves just wearing a diaper so here are some adorable pics of our little guy in his favorite outfit! :)

Frosty The Snowman

Magnolia got a snowman making kit for Christmas and was so excited when we got enough snow to use it! Her and David went out and made an adorable snowman in our front yard.

New Years

Whew, it has been awhile since I have blogged. I have lots to catch up on! For New Years we went into the mountains. On Sunday night we stayed at a hotel just the 4 of us and took Magnolia skiing. Having 2 kids has slowed down our skiing adventures as this was the first one we have done this year! Magnolia did great and Keegan really liked hanging out in the lodge where it was nice and warm. :) On Monday we headed to Breckenridge to spend the night with our friends Scott and Heidi and their 2 kids. It was so nice of them to share their condo with us! We had our annual sushi New Years Eve dinner and the kids watched the movie Tangled, which has become Magnolia's favorite movie! Keegan decided that since it was New Years he should stay up the whole night. I cant say I slept much but it sure was great to spend time with such wonderful friends! Sorry for the lack of pictures... I forgot our camera and Heidi said the ones she took didnt turn out very well.