Thursday, December 20, 2012

Polar Express Train

I am in love with this picture of my 2 favorite boys!!!
We went into the mountains with David's parents on Sunday and went on a very special Christmas train. We did the same thing last year. Last year everything about the day was perfect. Last year we planned ahead and bought Magnolia a special outfit to wear on the train and everyone was healthy and happy. This year was not nearly as perfect but it still turned out to be very fun and just as memorable! Magnolia threw up in the car, Keegan had a poop explosion after not pooping for 4 days and also managed to spit up all over my coat and pants while on the train. Ah just another day in the life of small children! Both kids really enjoyed the train ride and Magnolia's face when she saw Santa coming was priceless and worth all of the craziness!!

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