Thursday, November 29, 2012

3 Months Old

Keegan is 3 months old! I think these 3 pictures really captur his emerging personality. Overall he is very laid back, happy and silly. He had a really yucky cold last week but got through it like a champ. He is really starting to reach for things and really likes to hang onto a blanket. Adorable!

Happy Birthday David!

It was David's birthday on Sunday. Magnolia did not disappoint when it came to celebrating a birthday! She made David many cards, pictures and even a telescope. She also made him a birthday cake and made sure it had plenty of sprinkles on it. As for Keegan? He seemed to have a very sleepy day that day and did not make it into any of the pictures. Oops! Happy Birthday to the man that I love and adore more than he will ever know!

Momo and Grandpa

Momo and Grandpa came out this past week. They drove out so that they could bring Magnolia something very special. They hauled out a doll house that I had when I was a little girl. Magnolia LOVES the doll house and it brings back a lot of fun memories for me. Grandpa also got to have lots of bonding time with Keegan while here. He has only got to see Keegan for a couple of hours so I was so happy they got to hang out together!

Gingerbread House

While my parents were here we were talking about how my friends and I used to make gingerbread houses when I was younger. That memory motivated my mom to make gingerbread houses while they were here. Now, I must say, if it were my choice I would have went and bought a kit at Target and made a house that way. My mom did not think that was an option. So... after 3 days of making, baking, putting together and decorating we have a gingerbread house! (We also have one that is half way done that is still waiting to be finished. After all is said and done, I must admit, it was fun making the house from scratch!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Handsome man

Isn't he just the most adorable little man you have ever seen? Oh how I love this little guy!

Feel the love!

Oh how these kids love each other! Keegan will crack a smile so easily when Magnolia is around. All she has to do is walk by him and Poof! a smile will appear! Magnolia continues to be so patient with Keegan and is so excited that he is starting to reach for toys and can interact just a bit. We are so lucky that our kids truly love each other!

Tummy time

Here are our 2 kids almost at the exact same age! They both love looking in the mirror at how cute they are. So fun to see the similarities and the differences!

Face Paint

Magnolia went to a birthday party a couple of weeks ago and got her face painted. Isnt she adorable?!

Protective Pug

Even though Ziggy is very deaf and blind she still finds away to protect the baby in the house! So cute, taking a little rest together!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween

Hope everyone had a great Halloween... we sure did! David left work a bit early so we could have a early Orange Dinner and get out trick or treating. Magnolia was a mermaid this year and Keegan was a bumble bee. Magnolia had a blast getting candy but I think had more fun handing out the candy and looking at all of the other costumes. It was such a perfect night out here. It was pretty warm and there was no wind. We got to sit outside on the steps and hand out the candy. I am learning that Magnolia does not have my sweet tooth. I told her she could have a piece of candy after lunch today and she turned me down! What?!?! Who is this child!? Dont worry though... I ate one for her! :)

Pumpkin carving

Magnolia loved carving her pumpkin this year. She designed the face and cleaned out most of the "guts." You might be asking yourself "Is David really wearing gloves to clean out the pumpkin?" The answer is yes! I gave him a very hard time for this but then tried it for myself. I will admit, it was a great idea! Pretty sure I will be wearing them every year from now on!