Wednesday, October 31, 2012

TIme for cookies

Magnolia and I did our annual cookie baking this week. She moved up in the cookie baking world this year. Not only did she get to mix the cookies, cut out the shapes, and sprinkle, she got to do the white decorating frosting. Let me say, I am a very anal cookie maker. I like each cookie to look exactly the same. Magnolia had frosted and sprinkled one tray. I moved the tray away so that she could start on a new tray. She got very frustrated with me and said "mom! I need to see those cookies! Each cookie needs to be different!" Oh that was not music to my ears! My years of making each one look "perfect" are officially over. We now like each cookie to look different. We like LOTS of sprinkles on each cookie. We like LOTS of frosting as well. Ah... I am still getting used to the new cookie experience! :)

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