Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

We went to the pumpkin patch on Sunday. Yes, there are only 3 pictures of the event... to say it was a bit chaotic is an understatement. Let me first say that we usually go the first weekend they are open (which is usually at the end of September) and get there right when it opens. It has always been a very relaxing time and has never been busy. This year we went on Sunday afternoon. It was the first day since they opened that it was nice out. Our plan was to drive down, got out for lunch, head to the pumpkin patch and then go to a birthday party for Magnolia's friend. When we got down there we came upon a huge car accident that had the road closed to get to the restaurants. We then decided to do the patch first. Whew, was it ever busy! As soon as we started out in the field to look for the perfect pumpkins Keegan decided that he needed to eat, and he needed to eat NOW! So, Magnolia hurried up and picked the pumpkins and then we headed to the car to feed Keegan. I fed him while David and Magnolia walked around the play area and petting farm with everyone else in the Denver area. By the time I was done feeding Keegan the rest of us were starving so we left. No great photo ops, no playing in the jumpy castles, no time to pet the animals. I guess we got what we went there to get, but it just wasnt the picture perfect time. Oh well!

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