Friday, October 26, 2012

Proud Parent

So this is going to be a toot my own horn entry. I had a very happy parent moment today. I was in the bathroom doing my hair. Magnolia and Keegan were in my bedroom watching a tv program. I peeked out to see Keegan very happy and content sitting in his bouncy chair and Magnolia had her arm around him snuggling him up. It was just so cute. I went back to doing my hair and was thinking about this very hard job we call parenting. There are many nights when I think about the day and think "oh, I should have handled that situation differently." or "Ugh, why did I say that?" "Was I really the best mom I could be today?" "I should have played with Magnolia more"... the thoughts go on and on. What I dont do very often is think about all the things we are doing right as parents. We have raised such a caring and compassionate girl. She loves learning and is interested in such a wide variety of things. She is polite and is so fun to have around. We are also raising a very happy little boy. He is starting to sleep through the night, which is not an easy task! When I look at how amazing these kids are I am now realizing that I need to take a little bit of credit once in awhile. David and I work very hard to teach our children how to be respectful, loving, and intelligent little people. So, instead of going to bed tonight thinking about the things I could have done differently I am going to go to bed thinking about all the things I have done right. :)

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