Thursday, October 11, 2012

Preschool update

Magnolia LOVES LOVES LOVES preschool this year. I can not even begin to describe the changes in this girl since starting school. Last year it took her a very long time to talk to anyone at her school and even at the end of the year she was very quiet. I talked to her teacher last week and was blown away when she called my child "chatty". I couldnt believe the child she was describing was mine. She said Magnolia has a lot of stories to tell and is always raising her hand to answer questions. She even said "I thought Magnolia was going to be a very shy girl but that is not the case!" We then received this post card in the mail. I am so very excited at her progress at school. It truly broke my heart last year to see her so timid and shy. I am happy to say that little Miss Magnolia is coming out of her shell! :)

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