Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fall Fun

We have had an amazing fall. The past few days have been in the mid 70's and perfect. Magnolia has really loved playing in the leaves this year. We dont have any leaves in our yard but at the end of the block there is a little park area that has TONS of leaves. Perfect play place for Magnolia!! Here is a random Magnolia story... She got in a habit of yelling "HELP!" when I was feeding Keegan. She didnt really need anything when she yelled it, but I guess just needed some attention. A couple days ago when she did this I said "You are like the boy who cried wolf. Do you know who he is?" She said "Yes." I then said "Who is he?" Her response was "He blew some houses down." Ah this made me belly laugh! Such a funny little girl!

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