Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fall Fun

We have had an amazing fall. The past few days have been in the mid 70's and perfect. Magnolia has really loved playing in the leaves this year. We dont have any leaves in our yard but at the end of the block there is a little park area that has TONS of leaves. Perfect play place for Magnolia!! Here is a random Magnolia story... She got in a habit of yelling "HELP!" when I was feeding Keegan. She didnt really need anything when she yelled it, but I guess just needed some attention. A couple days ago when she did this I said "You are like the boy who cried wolf. Do you know who he is?" She said "Yes." I then said "Who is he?" Her response was "He blew some houses down." Ah this made me belly laugh! Such a funny little girl!

TIme for cookies

Magnolia and I did our annual cookie baking this week. She moved up in the cookie baking world this year. Not only did she get to mix the cookies, cut out the shapes, and sprinkle, she got to do the white decorating frosting. Let me say, I am a very anal cookie maker. I like each cookie to look exactly the same. Magnolia had frosted and sprinkled one tray. I moved the tray away so that she could start on a new tray. She got very frustrated with me and said "mom! I need to see those cookies! Each cookie needs to be different!" Oh that was not music to my ears! My years of making each one look "perfect" are officially over. We now like each cookie to look different. We like LOTS of sprinkles on each cookie. We like LOTS of frosting as well. Ah... I am still getting used to the new cookie experience! :)

Grammy and Pappa

David's parents were here earlier this month. Yes, I am behind several weeks posting this. David and I were not on top of things and forgot to take pictures of their trip. We also forgot to download the pictures that they took before they left. Better late than never I guess! We had a great time while they were here. We went to the Children's Museum, a park, Barnes and Noble, and of course Chuck E Cheese. We also took Pappa to Boulder so he could receive his birthday present that we got him along with David's brother and family. Pappa got to go glider riding. Magnolia had a BLAST watching the planes coming and going. All in all it was a busy but great trip!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Proud Parent

So this is going to be a toot my own horn entry. I had a very happy parent moment today. I was in the bathroom doing my hair. Magnolia and Keegan were in my bedroom watching a tv program. I peeked out to see Keegan very happy and content sitting in his bouncy chair and Magnolia had her arm around him snuggling him up. It was just so cute. I went back to doing my hair and was thinking about this very hard job we call parenting. There are many nights when I think about the day and think "oh, I should have handled that situation differently." or "Ugh, why did I say that?" "Was I really the best mom I could be today?" "I should have played with Magnolia more"... the thoughts go on and on. What I dont do very often is think about all the things we are doing right as parents. We have raised such a caring and compassionate girl. She loves learning and is interested in such a wide variety of things. She is polite and is so fun to have around. We are also raising a very happy little boy. He is starting to sleep through the night, which is not an easy task! When I look at how amazing these kids are I am now realizing that I need to take a little bit of credit once in awhile. David and I work very hard to teach our children how to be respectful, loving, and intelligent little people. So, instead of going to bed tonight thinking about the things I could have done differently I am going to go to bed thinking about all the things I have done right. :)

2 Months Old

Keegan is officially 2 months old! He had is 2 month check up at the doctor and is doing great! He is 12 lbs 7 oz which puts him in the 66 percentile. He is 22.75 inches- 54 percentile and his head is 16.34 inches- 100 percentile. Practically perfect in every way!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

We went to the pumpkin patch on Sunday. Yes, there are only 3 pictures of the event... to say it was a bit chaotic is an understatement. Let me first say that we usually go the first weekend they are open (which is usually at the end of September) and get there right when it opens. It has always been a very relaxing time and has never been busy. This year we went on Sunday afternoon. It was the first day since they opened that it was nice out. Our plan was to drive down, got out for lunch, head to the pumpkin patch and then go to a birthday party for Magnolia's friend. When we got down there we came upon a huge car accident that had the road closed to get to the restaurants. We then decided to do the patch first. Whew, was it ever busy! As soon as we started out in the field to look for the perfect pumpkins Keegan decided that he needed to eat, and he needed to eat NOW! So, Magnolia hurried up and picked the pumpkins and then we headed to the car to feed Keegan. I fed him while David and Magnolia walked around the play area and petting farm with everyone else in the Denver area. By the time I was done feeding Keegan the rest of us were starving so we left. No great photo ops, no playing in the jumpy castles, no time to pet the animals. I guess we got what we went there to get, but it just wasnt the picture perfect time. Oh well!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

First smiles

Keegan has been smiling a lot lately and it is just really adorable! Here are a couple of pictures of him showing off his new trick! Love it!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Preschool update

Magnolia LOVES LOVES LOVES preschool this year. I can not even begin to describe the changes in this girl since starting school. Last year it took her a very long time to talk to anyone at her school and even at the end of the year she was very quiet. I talked to her teacher last week and was blown away when she called my child "chatty". I couldnt believe the child she was describing was mine. She said Magnolia has a lot of stories to tell and is always raising her hand to answer questions. She even said "I thought Magnolia was going to be a very shy girl but that is not the case!" We then received this post card in the mail. I am so very excited at her progress at school. It truly broke my heart last year to see her so timid and shy. I am happy to say that little Miss Magnolia is coming out of her shell! :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Keegan's first airplane ride

Keegan had his first airplane ride this past weekend. We flew into Minneapolis and spent the weekend in Minnesota visiting a lot of family and going to a wedding. Both Keegan and Magnolia did fantastic on the flights. It was a very busy weekend but very wonderful! Keegan got to meet a lot of new faces and Magnolia had fun seeing everyone and swimming at the hotel. This family sure does love vacations! I cant wait to go on another one!!

Great Aunt Teresa

We stayed over night in the cities after our late night of flying before heading to Brainerd. Teresa came up for a very short time to meet Keegan and see Magnolia again. We only got to see her for a little over an hour, sure wish it could have been longer!

Grandpa and Momo

Momo and Grandpa also came for a quick visit while we were in Minnesota. Grandpa hadnt met Keegan yet so this was the first time. Momo had fun seeing him again... said he looked about the same, just much heavier!

Grammy, Papa, Aunt Judy and Uncle Joel

Keegan got to meet his grammy, pappa, great aunt Judy and great uncle Joel. Our hotel had a water park in it which is where we spent most of the time. The humidity and noises of the pool put Keegan right to sleep. He had a great nap resting on his papa!

Family Picture

We went to Brainerd for the wedding of David's office manager. I must admit, it was the most beautiful wedding I have ever been to! It was outside on the most perfect fall day in the midst of peak fall colors. Stunning! Here is a picture of us before we headed out to the wedding. I must admit, I sure do love my family of 4!

Keegan meets the Flogstad's of Donnelly

Keegan got to meet Matt, Susy, Lindsay and Hannah this weekend in Brainerd. I must admit, he did far better meeting them than Magnolia did when she was a baby. She pretty much screamed the entire time with them but Keegan was a great little guy meeting his uncle, aunt and cousins!