Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Camping we will go

We went camping this past weekend. Well, David and Magnolia went camping. I must admit that being 37 weeks pregnant and sleeping in a tent did not sound very exciting to me, so I came home to sleep and went back the next day. Magnolia had an absolute blast and did great! We went with our friends Scott and Will and another family that are friends with Scott. Magnolia's favorite things... sleeping in the tent, having a picnic and having a smore. Magnolia had a pretty posh set up for bedtime. She had her own room in the tent, a nice comfy mat under her sleeping bag, and even got to watch a movie before falling asleep. Really roughing it huh?! (almost as bad as her mom going back to her own house with air conditioning and a bed with comfy pillows!!) What a great weekend! We cant wait to do it again next summer!

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